Maria Cancino

Maria Cancino (Instructor Assistant)
A month after coming to Canada, Maria’s parents registered her in karate. However, she had no desire to be signed up and cried in her first class. In fact, she sat and watched her first two classes. It was completely out of her comfort zone. She had never done any extracurricular activities in the Philippines, so karate was her first.

What made Maria continue something as inconceivable as karate? It helped her step out of her comfort zone. She learned to challenge herself and it was rewarding. And the self-assurance she got out of class certainly didn't hurt - she changed from being too afraid to speak to talking quite a lot.

But what made Maria stay for the next 8 years? The teacher, the class and the whole experience: the fact that Sensei Hamid cares beyond his students' techniques and stance. The positive atmosphere at Tigers Eye keeps her returning to practice with people who are passionate about karate and respectful to their fellow students. Maria believes it was respect from both the teacher and the class that helped her continue. Although she is not naturally athletic and karate is such a strenuous sport, Maria finds each class is gratifying--the past 8 years have been very rewarding to her. Which goes to say, she sees herself training and teaching for a very long time.