Ilia Sakhaei Far

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 Ilia is currently a teacher assistant and a student at Tigers Eye Karate.

I began karate at age of 12 with Tigers Eye Karate Do. Once I started, I began training Shotokan Karate with both Sensei Hamid and Sensei Hana, learning Kumite, Kata, self defence techniques and competing in my first competition when I got my green belt.

Before starting my journey at Tiger Eye Karate Do, I was just a small kid with low confidence, little strength and a negative mentality. I was an athletic person and did many sports but I still didn’t obtain the characteristics that shaped up an athlete. However, throughout the years that I have been at Tigers Eye Karate, Sensei Hamid and Hana have transformed me from that little kid to a grown person who has not only developed a vast amount of confidence, strength and mentality, but also determination and discipline. These skills have been used in both karate and my everyday life.

Initially, I thought of this dojo as only a place to learn karate and become fit. However now, it’s become a second home and a big family where everyone helps you become a greater person, helps you during your hardest times, a place to learn lifelong skills and to “Become a Champ.”

Right now I am helping teach other kids all the important aspects and lessons of karate. I am also training to prepare myself for future competitions where I hope to achieve many titles and become a champion.

Karate has had a positive impact and role in my life since day one and that is all because of the lessons that Sensei Hamid, Hana, and my classmates have taught me, in this great environment they’ve created. Tigers Eye Karate-Do has been the place where I had some of the greatest life changing experiences, and where I felt my best improvements, both as an athlete and as a person.