Farzan Farid

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Born in Rotterdam, raised in North Vancouver, I started ATA/WTTU Taekwondo at the age of 4 and quickly rose through the ranks obtaining my 2nd dan black belt at the age of 12.

All while competing in tournaments across North America, often ranked among the top 10 in the continent for sparring (Kumite), and 4th in Canada for forms (Kata).

I soon switched over to WTF Taekwondo and had to restart to obtain my 1st dan which I achieved at the age of 14. Unfortunately, my dojo shut down so I moved to North Shore Taekwondo, practiced there for about 1 year, and decided I wanted a new challenge, that’s where Tiger’s Eye Karate comes into play.

I’ve been training with Sensei Hamid for some time now, and have already seen a major difference, I'm currently on the BC team hoping to see 1st place at Nationals. I am a certified Karate Regional  Kata and Kumite Judge/Referee, and a certified Karate 2nd dan black belt, as well as previously mentioned, certified Taekwondo 2nd dan black belt.