Covid 19 Protocols

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PLEASE PERFORM A COVID-19 SELF-ASSESSMENT QUESTIONNAIRE EVERY TIME BEFORE LEAVING YOUR HOME AND ATTENDING TIGER'S EYE CLASSES. (The link is provided at the bottom of this email.) IF HAVING ANY SYMPTOMS OR NOT FEELING WELL, DO NOT ATTEND THE CLASS. ( If a student feels or appears unwell during class, the student will be asked to leave and we are obligated to contact public health authority for further directions.)

Please Read And Follow The Below Protocols Carefully In Order To Attend Classes:

  1. All classes have limited participant ( IN ORDER TO SAVE YOUR SPOT ON DAYS & TIMES THAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU,YOU MUST BOOK YOURSELF ONLINE). More information on where and how to register will be provided in an upcoming on different email soon!
  2. All participants must keep a physical distance of 2 m apart at all time (we marked the space of 2m for each student).
  3. The duration of each class is 45 min for the time being, (we need enough time to assure proper cleaning and disinfecting of the dojo in between each classes, and to maintain gathering restrictions on arrival and leaving time of the Dojo).
  4. Parent's viewing area by reception is not available for now, and parents are not allowed to stay in the facility to observe class at this time(unless in special cases). Only students can enter the Dojo (we are using drop-off and pick-up system in order to comply with the public gathering ration). The Front main door is used for Entry Only and the Side door is used for Exit Only. Parents can stand on marked spaces on the side way to pick up their children.
  5. Our Change room is closed and All students should arrive already in uniform. If athletes use public transit to come to training, they should wear a tracksuit over their uniform to keep it clean.
  6. All students have to wear non-slip socks while inside the dojo. (we also recommend martial arts indoor shoes, and are able to order it for you if interested)
  7. We don't have water fountain for now. Students should bring their own water bottle.
  8. We don't recommend the use of public bathroom at this time. Please make sure your child has used bathroom at home prior to attend the class room.
  9. Hand sanitizer is available and must be used upon entry and exit of the dojo as well as within the training area.
  10. Students are encouraged to bring their own personal yoga mats, for times where hands contact the mats. (Students are responsible for daily sanitation of their personal mat.)
  11. For the time being, students should not bring gym bags, gloves, and shin pads.
  12. New equipment to help and support the best individual training will be provided per class, and sanitized proceeding each workout.
  13. If you require any make up session, it has to be booked in advance and students can not just show up on different days than the ones they are registered as we're only allowed limited students in the dojo per class.

We wish you and your family all the best and we hope to see you soon at the dojo!

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