Kiana Ghodsi

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Kiana Ghodsi

I began Karate at the age of 10 with Tigers Eye Karate-do. I started class with Sensei Hamid, training in Shotokan Karate. I began competing once I had reached my green belt.

My first competition, I did not place and I was devastated but that first loss drove me to train harder and compete in more tournaments and competitions.

I have competed in provincial and national tournaments in which I have gained some experience and knowledge.

I am a two time silver medalist at provincials and I have been selected for the BC team.

My experience at Tigers Eye Karate-Do has been amazing, I have made friendships and I have acquired a great deal of skills throughout these years that will last me a life time.

These skills not only include strength, fitness and self defence but also discipline, confidence, determination and mental strength.

These strengths have helped me overcome obstacles in my every day life.

karate has presented numerous opportunities for me and allows me to travel to different places around the world to compete and gain high value experience.

Since the beginning of my journey I have achieved numerous amazing things such as: taking part in refereeing clinics and becoming a kata regional judge, being able to coach during tournaments and help younger kids,

going to nationals and competing in 2 different divisions.

Karate has played a big role in my life and shaped me into the person I am today and I owe that to Sensei Hana and Sensei Hamid and everyone else who has helped me along the way.