Belt & Philosophy

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The color of the karate belts maintains order which differs in different schools. The correct orders of the colors of the belt are shown below :

White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Purple |, Brown, Brown |, Black

At the time of the Second World War, colors of darker shades were used to indicate the move in front agenda in karate. Dying the belts indicates that the person had moved in front with one extra level of competence. Very soon various colors were launched for the level of competence.



 White Belt − The origin of a new light is signified by white. In karate, it normally represents an individual who begins to learn karate and also analyzes the various challenges that he is going to accept.
Yellow Belt − It indicates the first ray of sunlight. In karate, the meaning of the yellow belt is that currently, the student’s mind is prone to receive more possible techniques and methods.

Orange Belt − This light is a sign of the increase of light on the earth. So it indicates how the person is increasing its knowledge in the field.
Green Belt − It relates to the perforation of stems and roots of the plant to expose to the sunlight. In turn, this indicates that the student is acquiring new skills and learning new techniques to become mastery over the game.

Blue Belt − The plant has growth towards the sky which looks blue in color. This indicates a student is focusing on in-depth knowledge of the game to understand each move in karate and illustrating each to obtain more awareness.
Purple Belt − It signifies that a person is more concentrated on achieving new belts that come over next.
Purple Stripe Belt − It signifies that a person is ready to move to the advanced and more evolved stages.

Brown Belt − This indicates that the plant has grown fully and is ready to harvest. Likewise in karate, it shows that the student has obtained sufficient knowledge about the art and now he is fit for the fight.
Brown Stripe Belt − It indicates deeper knowledge that a student acquires and capacity to give those a glorious direction.

Black belt − Every lightening object has a dark shadow behind it and it implies to black color. This belt indicates the person who wore it has got a full grip over the skills and he shows that the person wearing it has mastered all the skills and he acquires great potential within him to illuminate his knowledge to others.