Vania Amani

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Vania Amani
I am a student and assistant teacher here at Tiger’s Eye. Over the past 6 years,

I have found karate helpful and encouraging for me to grow as a person. During this time, I am proud to say that I have been ranked bronze in British Columbia, become a certified judge/referee, am a current Black belt and a part-time teacher assistant.

It has inspired me to, although difficult sometimes, continuously push myself beyond my limits.

From nerve-wracking but exciting tournaments, staying up late to practice for belt exams to taking a refereeing course, it constantly weaves itself into the very threads of my confidence and improvement.

Tiger’s Eye, to me, is more than just a place for staying fit, it is like a second home. Students and teachers here are like a second family, always ready to have your back.

Thanks to such a supportive community and positive environment, I am looking forward to continuing my journey and am hoping to someday be able to compete in the official national tournament as a BC Team member.

Furthermore, I would also like to continue to judge/referee at more competitions and gain more professional insight on how these events work.